Lighting Design

Florida Pro DJs utilizes intelligent lighting systems which are entirely adjusted and programmed specifically for each event. The lighting technology used clash of clans hack tool by Florida Pro DJs staff is far from the old school roller rink lighting effects used by some entertainment companies.Our team uses the same lighting systems that can be found in many professional establishments and can be completely controlled to emulate elegant mood lighting effects in addition to the high energy effects that work with the style of music being played.

In addition to our intelligent lighting, we also offer additional lighting services such as custom gobo design and projection. Also known as custom monograms, “Gobos” allow for your name(s) or initials to be projected onto the dance floor or any wall in the venue. This effect gives your event a truly personalized touch. You can see a few examples of gobo designs below.


Custom Gobo Design

Truss lighting to match the Guest of Honor

Truss lighting to match the Guest of Honor’s dress

Concert Style Production